About F.A.R.

Who is F.A.R. and why should I read anything he writes? You have probably wondered that once or twice.

For starters, F.A.R. is a pseudonym. What can I say? I’m shy and anonymity is comfy. However, I will try to be as honest as I can here.

I was born and raised in South America, and later moved to the United States and became a citizen (USA! USA!). During those years, I started writing fiction. All in English. In fact, I got so used to writing in English, it has become my default writing language. Seriously, I can’t write in Spanish to save my life. Which is kind of shameful to be honest.

After some time, I got the confidence to write a book. A 55,000 word Urban Fantasy Story I call The Sleeping Town. Then after some more time, I decided to publish it.

While I was researching how to do this, I realized just how little I knew about it all, and, like that, the idea of this blog was born. This is where I share my experience with the self-publishing process from beginning to end.

With luck, my experiences can be of help to someone.

If not, at least I hope I manage to entertain you.


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