Why go PermaFree?

Less than two weeks remain until Full Moon Hunt is out.

The time has come to make The Sleeping Town permanently free. Click the link and you’ll be able to easily and freely download a copy of the book in your preferred format for your reading pleasure.

Why am doing this?

Well, for one, the sequel is coming out. It is in my best interests to make the first book in the series as easily available as possible. It may seem like a counterproductive strategy. After all, I am not making any money off the book if I am giving it away for free.

However, consider this: If someone reads my book for free, doesn’t like it, and decides to not invest in the sequel, well, that’s probably a sale I wasn’t going to make anyway.

At the same time, if someone reads my book because it is free and buys the sequel because he discovered he liked my writing, then that’s a sale I wouldn’t have unless my book was free.

Free means more opportunities for people to discover you. Never forget that.


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