At long Last, Full Moon Hunt is here!

When 2016 started my plan was to have a new book out by the end of May at latest.

That didn’t quite work out as planned. It is often said no plan survives the first contact, and it is often said because it is the honest truth.

However, today is a happy occasion!



It may be a few months later than I wanted but I am pleased to inform you all that Full Moon Hunt is now available for Pre-Order!

Michael Walker returns in a werewolf-themed adventured with more action, more characters, and more mysteries! The sequel to The Sleeping Town will be available for everyone this November 11! Pre-Order now!


For those interested in reading a preview, check out the Smashwords link which offers a 20% Sample. Amazon will also offer a sample, but their Look Inside function isn’t enabled until a few days after the book has launched for some reason, and that, I think, will be the subject of the next post.

Look forward to it!


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